21 child murderers have been sent to Indigenous healing lodges since 2011: data

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Nearly two dozen child murderers have been sent to Indigenous healing lodges since 2011, according to data from Public Safety Canada.

Healing lodges held four offenders convicted of first and second-degree murder of children during the 2011-12 fiscal year. The following three years saw 10 more offenders sent to the facilities.

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Another seven were transferred to healing lodges after Justin Trudeau succeeded Stephen Harper as prime minister in 2015, reveal the figures shared with Global News by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s office.

In total, 21 child murderers have been transferred to healing lodges since 2011. Over half of them (14) were held there while the Conservative government was in power,

As of Sept. 23, 2018, there were 11 convicted child-killers held in healing lodges.

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The data was released to Global News on Tuesday following widespread outrage over the transfer of Terri-Lynne McClintic — convicted in the 2009 rape and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford — to a healing lodge in Saskatchewan in October.

McClintic was moved out of the healing lodge and into an Edmonton prison last week, Tori’s father Rodney Stafford told Global News Radio. Stafford had previously organized a rally in Ottawa calling for the government to put McClintic back behind bars.

Goodale also announced last week that the Liberal government was implementing new rules governing the assessment and transfer of inmates from conventional prisons to healing lodges.

WATCH: Terri-Lynne McClintic sent back to penitentiary

“At the request of the minister, corrections officials reviewed inmate transfer policies. Based on their recommendations, the government strengthened the governance and oversight of transfers to healing lodges,” a spokesperson for Goodale told Global News in an email accompanying the data.

“The murder of a child is odious and utterly reprehensible, and perpetrators must be held fully accountable for their crime. At the same time, our correctional system must also strive for rehabilitation so we can have fewer repeat offenders, fewer victims, and ultimately safer communities.”

EXCLUSIVE: McClintic’s brother says ‘she’s no more Indigenous than I am green from the planet Mars’

Goodale’s spokesperson added that Correctional Service Canada only approves offenders for transfer to healing lodges “following a thorough risk assessment,” while prioritizing public safety.

He also insisted that that healing lodges “have a record of successfully dealing with difficult cases, and can be the right correctional approach for certain offenders.”

WATCH: Conservative MP pleased McClintic back behind bars, calls on government for better checks and balances

Indeed, research out of Northern Arizona University showed that six per cent of healing lodge residents had re-offended while they were on conditional release, compared to a federal re-offending rate of 11 per cent.

However, a 2002 study showed higher rates for re-offending among healing lodge residents than among offenders in minimum security — it was 19 per cent, “significantly higher” than the rate among Indigenous offenders who were released from minimum security (13 per cent).

READ MORE: Inmate escapes from healing lodge near Maple Creek, Sask.

That study was updated in 2011, and it showed that among Indigenous offenders, conditional releases were “as likely to be maintained in the community as conditional releases for aboriginal offenders from minimum security institutions for men and multi-level security institutions for women.”

— With files from Amanda Connolly and Jesse Ferreras

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‘It’s like he took a grinder to it’ : Scrap metal business turns in stolen cenotaph plaque

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FREDERICTON – The thefts of plaque from two cenotaphs in Fredericton have police on the hunt for who’s responsible.

A plaque was taken from the Barker’s Point Cenotaph on Saturday, Oct.17. It’s replacement value is $3,000.

This week, three plaques went missing from the New Brunswick Provincial Cenotaph in Fredericton. Their replacement value is $10,000.

Fredericton Police say they are actively investigating the thefts.

Best Metals owner Iaan Brown said he believes the Barker’s Point Cenotaph plaque landed at his scrap metal business on Oct. 17.

He said he paid the man $110 for the plaque. Shortly after, he realized what he had received after seeing the plaque on 桑拿会所 and the news.

Barker’s Point Cenotaph. Courtesy: Fredericton Police

Courtesy: Fredericton Police

“This guy completely defaced the plaque,” Brown said. “It’s like he took a grinder to it.”

Brown said the only reason he could identify it was the torch on the right side of the plaque.

He said the same man came in with several more plaques the following Tuesday, Oct. 20. His employees recognized him and took a picture. Brown also took a picture of the man’s car before he fled.

“He must have sensed it. He threw them in the back of his trunk and sped off.”

Brown reported the incident to police.

Mayor Brad Woodside is urging all local scrap metal dealers to watch for the plaques.

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Land transfer taxes up for review, could double across Ontario

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TORONTO – It may soon get significantly more expensive to own a home in Ontario.

The province is currently in the process of holding public consultations to amend the Municipal Act which includes giving every municipality outside of Toronto the power to charge the Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT).

Ontario has already given permission for Toronto to impose the tax back in 2008.

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“It’s before us now as a consultation process to review the municipal act and that’s all this is, no decisions have been made,” said Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

“We’ve uploaded quite a bit with regards to the demands we put on municipalities.”

Sousa said the land transfer tax is part of the province’s review of the municipal act, which is set to be completed this week. He added that if the legislation is enacted it could come into effect by the spring of next year.

“We’re having a discussion with municipalities who have felt for some time a bit beleaguered on the fiscal front ever since the downloading days of the old government and we’re still recovering from that, we’re uploading costs,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Ted McMeekin.

“Should all municipalities have the same tools the city of Toronto has and if not, why not? So that’s part of the discussion we’re having.”

Those looking to purchase a home for $445,000 will therefore have to pay $5,375 in the Provincial Land Transfer Tax and an additional $4,625 for the new MLTT.

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) issued a media release Tuesday decrying the province’s move to double the tax on home purchases.

“The Ontario Liberals wrote to us in May 2014, during the election, stating that ‘they had no plans to extend these powers to municipalities’,” said Patricia Verge, president of OREA.

“On behalf of home buyers, we want them to remain good on this election promise and that means Ontarians need to send a strong message that the government must rethink its plan to double the land transfer tax burden on home buyers.”

During question period at Queen’s Park on Tuesday, the Progressive Conservatives demanded the Liberal government to guarantee they won’t allow municipalities to impose the extra tax.

The Association claims the MLTT in Toronto has already stiffled home purchases in the city and is costing the economy billions of dollars.

“Over five years, it is estimated that 38,227 housing transactions did not occur in Toronto because of the MLTT,” the OREA said in a media release.

“With every home transaction generating $55,000 in consumer spending on things like renovations, furniture, appliances, and fees to professionals, the MLTT has cost the City of Toronto $2.3 billion in lost economic activity and 15,000 jobs.”

The OREA has since launched an online campaign to urge the public to oppose the move.

Kamal Aurora says she is buying a new home in Oakville, Ont., adding that she hopes to sell the home she currently has.

“Maybe I won’t be able to sell my house, that would affect me,” she said. “Homes are already getting expensive, it’s not a good decision.”

With files from Adam Miller


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Girl reportedly approached by suspicious man near Saskatoon school

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SASKATOON – Saskatoon police are investigating a report of a student being approached by a suspicious person in the Parkridge neighbourhood. The incident occurred in the 1200-block of McCormack Road early Tuesday afternoon.

Police say a man pulled up in a vehicle and told an 11-year-old girl in front of a school to get into the vehicle. He then allegedly grabbed onto the girl’s arm and attempted to pull her into the car but she managed to get away.

The girl reported the activity to school staff and her parents.

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  • The U of R redefines what it means to “man up” against domestic violence

  • RCMP release sketch of suspicious man at a Sask. school playground

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The suspect is described as Caucasian, in his early 20s, between six-foot and six-foot four with an average build. He was unshaven and had tattoos on his forearms and neck.

His hair was brown, short and curly. At the time, the suspect was wearing a jean jacket, black pants that were ripped and black shoes.

The vehicle is described as a red older model, four-door sedan with a dent on the passenger side front door.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 306-975-8300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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Lethbridge ready to tackle snow

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LETHBRIDGE —; Though southern Alberta has yet to see its first snowfall to cap off the Canadian winter, the City of Lethbridge says it’s ready for when white finally covers the ground.

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This year, two truck models have been added to the city’s fleet. The Giletta Sander is popular in Europe, but its primary purpose is not clearing snow from the roads, but rather predicting the snowfall and applying a liquid to the road that will make it easier for plows to clear it the next day.聽

The other model, the purpose-built snow plow, is not so much new, but simply a more advanced and developed version of older snow plows. Its primary purpose is to clear the roads of snow and ice, but it does so with automated plows and a laser system for the side plow, both of which allow the operator to focus on the road.

“Some of these purpose-built plow trucks are quite expensive,” said Lee Perkins, who manages transportation operations for the City of Lethbridge. “We do utilize them in the summer, but they are purpose-built for winter, and again without the support of senior leaders and mayor and council, none of聽these initiatives聽would’ve been possible.”

The City is also seeing advanced sander systems, as well as winter tires on their plows for the first time. Both models are new to Alberta, as Lethbridge is now using trucks that are foreign even to Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer.

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Businesses unite to work towards Chinatown revitalization

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CALGARY —; Members of one of Calgary’s oldest communities, Chinatown, are uniting to form a business revitalization zone, in hopes of becoming a more vibrant part of downtown.

“Chinatown has for a long time needed to revitalize,” said Terry Wong, a member of the Chinatown BRZ Committee. “As you can see in the region, the downtown has developed significantly over the last ten years (but) Chinatown has not.”

The problem has been discussed for years, and reached crisis level after the 2013 flood.

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    Calgary’s Chinatown marks 100th anniversary with street celebration

    People living near Calgary Chinatown fire scene allowed to return home(2)

    Calgary investigators search Chinatown fire scene for evidence of foul play

“Chinatown hasn’t fully recovered from the flood and they needed a cohesive voice in order to bring the businesses together,” said Coun. Druh Farrell, who represents the ward.

For over a century, Calgary has been home to the fourth largest Chinatown in Canada, with over 200 businesses.

The BRZ committee said changing demographics in the community offer the opportunity to explore new ideas, without losing its unique character.

“Revitalizing the streetscape to make it look a lot more ‘Asian’, if I can use that term,” Wong said.

The group also wants to increase the variety of shops and restaurants in the area.

“The third thing is make it more of a destination, not just for tourists, but also residents here and residents outside who can enjoy peace, harmony and prosperity in Chinatown,” Wong added.

The Calgary Downtown Association (CDA) believes the entire city can benefit from a revitalized Chinatown.

“I think it shows a great commitment from the business community in Chinatown to revitalize that area and make it more of a destination which is what we all hope for,” CDA executive director Maggie Schofield said.

The Chinatown BRZ will also look for ways to change the Area Development Plan in an effort to create business opportunities, such as turning back alleys into “magical places where you can dine and shop,” Farrell said.

It’s a concept that has worked well in for Chinatowns in Victoria and San Francisco.

Farrell said once the BRZ is established, she will appeal to City Council’s Innovation Fund to set up a Chinatown retail strategy, to help businesses adapt.

A city committee today approved the application.

Council will vote on the new BRZ tax rate that will pay for the program.


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Lethbridge highlighted in Alberta Budget

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LETHBRIDGE – Tuesday’s budget from Alberta’s NDP government has some good news for the education and health sectors in Lethbridge.

Major projects at both post-secondary institutes are getting a financial boost.  The Trades and Technology Renewal and Innovation Project at Lethbridge College is set to receive $20 million in 2015/16, $14 million in 2016/17 and $10 million in 2017/18 for a total of $44 million over the next five years.

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“No surprises really in that we were promised that there would be sustainable funding in the next couple of years,” said Dr. Paula Burns, president of Lethbridge College.

At the University of Lethbridge, the Destination Project is in line for $5 million in 2017/18, $20 million in 2018/19 and $46 million in 2019/20 for a five-year total of $71 million.

“We are very pleased the government has recognized the Destination  Project as a critical piece of infrastructure for our community’s continued economic success and has included its construction in its capital plan. This project is “shovel-ready” and we will continue to work with the government to ensure the funding schedule matches the project’s construction schedule,” said Dr. Mike Mahon, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Lethbridge.

In health care, Chinook Regional Hospital will get $24 million in 2015/16, $9 million in 2016-17 then nothing for three years after that for a five-year total of $33 million. Local health officials say they are still unclear as to where the money will be allocated.

Mayor Chris Spearman is pleased with the budget. He was at the  Legislature in Edmonton as the budget was presented on Tuesday.

“What we are really pleased to see was the continuing commitment to MSI [Municipal Sustainability Initiative]. So we will continue to invest infrastructure in our city. It’s going to be $50 million dollars added into each of the two years to MSI over and above,” added Spearman.

Social programs to address domestic violence will receive an additional $15 million dollars in province-wide funding. Over the past year the women’s shelter in Lethbridge has had to turn away more than 1,200 women.

Businesses owners are also set to benefit from grants up to $5,000 for each new job created over the next two years. Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce President Melody Garner applauds that incentive, but she says the details still need to be reviewed.

“From a business perspective, we look at the new job tax credit or each individual hired. We need to unpack the announcement  more and see if they heard the message that businesses have been hit with a lot of increases with tax, minimum wage and a lot of levies,  so we need to have something to offset that.”

The budget contains a record $6.1-billion deficit, with plans to run a surplus by the 2019/20 fiscal year.


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Alberta budget 2015: What’s in it for Edmonton?

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EDMONTON – The NDP government released the 2015-2016 Alberta budget Tuesday afternoon. Here are some of the highlights for Edmontonians.

Hospitals and health care funding

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  • Alberta government keeps spending, runs $6.1B deficit

  • New taxes and benefits: Alberta budget 2015 highlights

  • Alberta budget 2015: Winners and losers

  • Royal Alex renovation won’t be cheap and won’t be quick: AHS

Two Edmonton facilities in dire need of repair—the Royal Alexandra and Misericordia hospitals—will each see just $10 million for planning in the next five years rather than funding for redevelopments themselves, when the suggested overhaul cost for the Royal Alex alone is $4.5 billion.

Alberta Health said Tuesday additional funding for the Misericordia and Royal Alex will appear in subsequent capital plans following planning and prioritization.

Strathcona Community Hospital in Sherwood Park will see $17 million over the next two years, and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic South will get $47 million over the next two years. The Stollery Children’s Hospital has been allocated $67 million over the next five years.

READ MORE: Alberta budget: Calgary cancer centre, Edmonton hospital funding still falls short

Edmonton-area roads

The Edmonton and Calgary ring roads will get $2.9 billion over the next five years, but the province declined to break down the costs any further.

The government said the northeast Henday in Edmonton is scheduled to be done in 2016, completing the city’s ring road, so the spending beyond 2016-17 is entirely for Calgary’s ring road, set to be completed in 2022.

READ MORE: Calgary, Edmonton ring roads to see $2.9B over 5 years

The 41 Avenue Interchange will see $104 million for construction this year, and the Highway 2 corridor expansion will get $6 million for planning over the next two years.

Education funding

The NDP government has put aside $581 million for new projects province-wide. This will include $124 million for the NAIT Centre for Applied Tech, $120 million for the NorQuest College expansion and retrofit and $20 million for Grant MacEwan’s City Centre Campus.

Edmonton will also see $25 million in funding for the Federal Building and Centennial Plaza.

Watch below: ‘It was challenging’: Finance Minister Joe Ceci on putting together Alberta budget 2015

Watch below: ‘Some realism in this budget would be good’: Wildrose leader reacts to Alberta budget 2015


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B.C. College of Veterinarians bans cosmetic ear cropping on dogs

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The B.C. College of Veterinarians (CVBC) announced Tuesday it has banned its members from performing cosmetic ear cropping procedures on dogs.

The BC SPCA is applauding the move.

“For nearly two decades the BC SPCA has been on record opposing procedures such as tail docking, ear cropping, devocalization and declawing that impact an animal’s ability to experience good welfare and to express natural behaviours,” said Craig Daniell, chief executive officer for the BC SPCA, in a statement.

“This decision by the CVBC to make cosmetic ear cropping an unethical practice of veterinary medicine is a significant step forward in the humane treatment of animals in our province and we are extremely pleased to support and endorse this change.”

Ear cropping is a surgery where two-thirds to three-quarters of the dog’s ear is removed. It theoretically is done to make the dog’s ear stand up straight.

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WATCH: Dr. Emelia Gordon from the BC SPCA talks to Global News about the risks and long-term consequences of cosmetic ear docking, and why the province’s veterinarians are banning the practice.

According to BC SPCA Animal Health senior manager Dr. Emelia Gordon, ear cropping is “completely a cosmetic procedure and it’s not necessary for the dog at all” and instead, it’s been done “for reasons of tradition since certain purebred dogs have traditionally had their ears cropped.” But according to studies, Dr. Gordon says, there’s no functional benefit to the dog and it’s performed to make the dog or breed look a certain way.

“With ear cropping no longer considered an acceptable practice by the CVBC, any individual performing the procedure and causing distress to an animal could now face animal cruelty charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,” he added.

As far as Dr. Gordon is concerned, when it comes to ear cropping is “your puppy is perfect the way it is and they have natural floppy ears the way they’re meant to be…. Doing these types of surgeries are not worth the risk to your companion pets.”


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Quebec opposition leaders call for Lise Thériault’s resignation

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QUEBEC CITY —; Opposition leaders in Quebec City are demanding for public security minister, Lise Thériault to resign.

They are calling for an independent inquiry, questioning why it took so long to take action on the allegations of sexual assault of Native women in Val d’Or.

“She has shown a lack of judgement, she has misinformed the public, she considers that it is normal that the police should investigate the police,” said Bernard Drainville.

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  • Updated: 43 First Nations chiefs gather for special meeting in Val D’Or

  • Eight SQ officers suspended in wake of sexual-assault allegations

Drainville goes onto say that he no longer believes Thériault should have the public’s confidence.

“Instead of asking the police to investigate the police, she should have asked the independent bureau of inquiry to investigate what had happened in Val d’Or,” he said.

READ MORE: 43 First Nations chiefs gather for special meeting in Val D’Or

Quebec National Assembly opposition leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, echoed Drainville’s thoughts.

“What we’re talking about here is obviously police investigation about allegations that are very seriously considered and therefore should be managed by an independent body,” he said.

Quebec’s aboriginal affairs minister is holding off a promising public inquiry into the allegations of abuse, saying that the government can’t act quickly and hold a public inquiry at the same time.


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Alberta budget 2015: Winners and losers

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EDMONTON — Alberta’s NDP government tabled its first budget Tuesday. Here’s a look at some of the winners and losers:


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  • Calgary, Edmonton ring roads to see $2.9B over 5 years: Alberta budget

  • Alberta budget: Calgary cancer centre delayed, Edmonton hospital funding falls short

  • Alberta budget: What’s in it for Calgary?

Employers and people looking for work: A two-year job incentive program is to give companies of all sizes, as well as non-profits, $5,000 for each new job they create. Meant to support 27,000 new jobs each year. New measures to improve access to capital for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Low-income families: New Alberta Child Benefit to assist families earning less than $41,220. Parents to get up to $1,100 for one child and as much as $550 each for three additional children. Family Tax Credit to be enhanced so more lower- and middle-class families can get access to it and draw from it for longer periods.

The sick and those in need: More money for services to help children and families in need, including $15 million to support women’s shelters. Operational funding for health is to increase to almost $21 billion by 2018.

Construction workers: The province plans to spend $34 billion over the next five years to ramp up construction for roads, schools, hospitals and other facilities.

Watch below: ‘It was challenging’: Finance Minister Joe Ceci on putting together Alberta budget 2015

Students: There is a two-year tuition freeze for post-secondary students. An additional 380 teachers, plus 150 support staffers, to be hired for grade schools.

READ MORE: New taxes and benefits revealed in Alberta budget 2015


Drinkers and smokers: The cost of cigarettes goes up by $5 a carton. A case of 12 beers goes up 24 cents and a bottle of wine is increased by 18 cents.

Watch below: NDP announces tax increase to tobacco and alcohol

The insured: There is an insurance premium tax hike of one per cent.

Politicians: Cabinet ministers, political staff and members of the legislature are to be under a salary freeze for the remainder of the current four-year legislature term.

Future taxpayers: Starting next year, the province plans to begin borrowing for the first time in 20 years to manage its day-to-day spending. Debt for capital is expected to hit $36.6 billion by 2018.

Watch below: ‘Some realism in this budget would be good’: Wildrose leader reacts to Alberta budget 2015


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Walmart, Amazon get flack for ‘Israeli soldier costume’

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Walmart and Amazon are facing criticism for the sale of a child-sized Israeli soldier costume.

The “Israeli Soldier Costume for Kids” for sale on both companies’ websites includes a military green belt, pants and shirt with Hebrew writing, and red beret-style hat. The toy gun pictured is not included.

Walmart长沙桑拿 lists the item as “out of stock” while Walmart’s Canadian site does not show the costume at all. Amazon still has the costume available in all sizes, including for toddlers.

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  • ‘It’s hard to draw the line’: Calgary store defends selling native headdress as Halloween costumes

  • ‘Transphobic’ Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume sparks outrage

  • ‘Lion Killer Dentist’ costume that includes severed head sparks outrage

READ MORE: Israeli military begins deploying in cities to stop attacks

Many took to social media to express their dismay at the costume, amid a recent wave of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

“We should not be politicizing the costumes our children wear on Halloween,” the Muslim Public Affairs Council tweeted.

“Someone please tell me that this @walmart halloween costume of an israeli soldier for kids isn’t real.” Said another.

On Amazon, more than 150 comments fill the customer review section, with feedback that the costume is “inappropriate” and “shame shame shame.”

“Would never buy this, let alone sell it. Shame on the manufacturer and Amazon both,” read a comment with the heading “terrible product”.

Other reviews give the costume a top rating of five stars, alongside comments like “Great costume. Great country.”

Walmart has been in hot water before for controversial costumes: last year the retail giant issued an apology and pulled a men’s Pashtun Papa costume, which was accompanied online by the text “Shock your friends with this Islamic costume.”

Global News reached out to Walmart and Amazon for comment, but did not receive responses in time for publication.


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WATCH: Abandoned baby doe won’t leave side of man who rescued her

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Darius Sasnauskas is an avid outdoorsman and animal lover, so when he spotted a doe abandon her injured newborn because it couldn’t keep up, he knew he couldn’t leave the helpless baby deer to fend for herself.

In a nearly 20-minute video documenting the fawn’s abandonment in his Yellowstone National Park-area home and its rehabilitation back to health, the unnamed deer grows attached to the man and his pet cats and dogs.

Although Sasnauskas wrote that he does not support capturing wild animals to keep as pets, he saw no other choice but to nurse the fawn back to health in order for it be released back into the wild.

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“Since Day 1 I was hoping to release the baby deer back to the wild,” he told animal news site The Dodo. “I really hoped that she’d not get attached to me too much because that would make [it] very hard for her to survive in the wild.”

After Sasnauskas took in the deer, he said he had to research how to raise a fawn. He learned that he needed to feed it every four hours and clean it after every feeding.

On top of that, he wanted to make sure its injured leg would heal, so he fashioned a brace for it out of an oatmeal box, and she was quickly becoming a part of his family.

“[For the] first week, she slept by my bed on my shirt,” he said. “She had to have it to be able to sleep.”

Sasnauskas’ colleague’s Bernese mountain dog Mack became the deer’s foster dad during the next two weeks, never letting her out of his sight and always making sure to lick her clean during feedings.

Although they clearly had bonded, Sasnauskas knew it would be best for the fawn to be reintegrated into the wild with a deer family.

For several nights, he brought the fawn to an open field and laid low as other deer watched the fawn from afar. But the baby deer would not leave his side and would lick his hands and face and trot alongside him as he walked away.

Eventually, Sasnauskas says the fawn’s mother re-appeared and the fawn was released back into the wild.

He said he still sees the fawn and her family quite often because the deer rarely leave a safe area.

“It is [a] very, very good feeling seeing them safe [and] roaming around,” he said.


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