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Mayor Atchison reaches milestone, confirms bid to run for fifth term

SASKATOON  – He’s done what no Saskatoon mayor has done before – today, October 27, 2015, Don Atchison becomes the city’s longest serving mayor. Atchison was sworn in exactly 13 years ago – on October 27, 2003.

October 27, 2015 – Don Atchison becomes Saskatoon’s longest serving mayor.

File / Global News

“When I started as a city councillor 21 years ago, I never dreamt that I would become the mayor,” said Atchison.

Both Henry Dayday and Cliff Wright served one day short of 13 years. In 2012 mayoral terms extended to four years instead of three and with that, Don Atchison now embarks on a milestone 13 years as mayor.

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  • Saskatoon says goodbye to long-serving mayor

  • Infrastructure still biggest need: Atchison

Notable projects under his leadership include his vision for River Landing, the completion of Circle Drive with the construction of the South Bridge, and also his effort to make an appearance at an infinite number of community events – events that often take him away from his family and wife.

“The only event that I have been to every year, since becoming the mayor, is our anniversary. I’ve missed kid’s birthdays, Mardele’s, I’ve never been at home for my birthday and you know a lot of times there’s a question of why and with the children and with Mardele, it’s always been accepted,” he said.

Atchison confirmed with Global News he will run again in the next election, set for autumn 2016.


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Okanagan tire company independently tests its products for winter driving

VERNON – A well-known Okanagan based automotive company claims it’s the first Canadian tire retailer to independently test tires in winter conditions.

Kal Tire says it hired an independent testing company to rate 19 of its most popular tires for ten conditions including braking, cornering, hydroplaning and road noise.

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“We wanted to give drivers greater and more relevant information about how tires really perform in everyday winter conditions in Canada, and we also wanted to be able to show people how 3-season (all-season), all-weather and winter tires compare in their performance,” says Kal Tire spokesperson,Carey Hull, in a news release. “Between the range of tests conducted, the calibre of the drivers and the technology used to capture the data, this is an incredibly sophisticated and comprehensive tire testing program.”

The key findings:
Winter tires, on average, stopped 14.68 metres sooner on ice compared to 3-seasons
-Winter tires stopped in 30.1 m
-All-weather tires stopped in 35.5 m
-3-season tires stopped in 44.8 m

All-weather tires, on average, stop 77 cm sooner on wet pavement (from 70 km/hour) and 33 cm sooner on dry pavement (from 90 km/hour) compared to 3-season tires.

Winter tires are nearly three times better at holding corners on ice than 3-seasons.

Studless winter tires aren’t noisy. On average, all-weather and 3-season tires emitted the same amount of road noise, and winter tires were 1.6 per cent quieter than all-weather and 3-season tires.

On slush straight-line tests, professional drivers rated:
-Winter tires an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars
-All-weather tires an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars
-3-season tires an average of 2.4 out of 5 stars

Comprehensive results are available at Kal Tire outlets and on-line at kaltire长沙桑拿/testing.

The company says it will release test results on a further 57 passenger and truck tires in the spring.

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After peaceful split, Mi’gmaq chief says government should improve consultations

MONCTON – The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs in New Brunswick will continue to exist until the next fiscal year, says Mi’gmaq Chief George Ginnish.

Then, the Mi’gmaq chiefs will form their own group. This comes after New Brunswick’s Maliseet chiefs announced they would be forming their own representative body, leaving the Assembly.

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“The Mi’gmaq First Nations have said it’s important for us to work together especially given the approach that government and business take in regards to the consultation,” Chief Ginnish said in an interview with Global News Monday.

Chief Ginnish stressed the split was peaceful, that it happened because of a difference of opinions, not out of malice.

“We still have an Atlantic Policy Congress that represents the entire Atlantic and we’ll work together with anybody that sees the benefit of doing that,” he said.

“As it is now, this group has decided that they’re better to represent themselves. That’s not an issue with us. We’re going to continue to work on behalf of our people to the best of our ability. That’s our responsibility.”

He said his disappointment lies with the provincial and federal governments, that they’re not completely adhering to their duty to consult aboriginal groups at a critical time.

Ginnish, chief of the Eel Ground First Nation, says his people have a right to be consulted and included in all discussions, including on major projects like the Energy East Pipeline and Sisson Brook Mine.

“This is not where we expected it would be. It’s not living up to the spirit of the agreement. We’ve had to do that with the previous two premiers and we’ll do that again with the current premier,” he said.

He said Mi’gmaq First Nations are not looking to stop all development but that their Aboriginal and Treaty Rights must be respected during the process.

In March, Premier Brian Gallant said at least one person in each government department would be trained on the duty to consult, which is the Crown’s obligation to consult aboriginal groups on decisions.

When asked, repeatedly, about progress, Global News received a statement from Ed Doherty, Minister Responsible for the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat.

“Government will work with the First Nations community to look for opportunities in areas of partnership and co-operation,” it read. “We respect the heritage and culture of our First Nations community and our government remains committed to working with all First Nation Chiefs and councils.”

“One of our elders speaks to this. He says for too many years, we’ve stood by the side of the road and we’ve watched trucks drive by with our resources,” Ginnish said.

“We’ve had lip service from government saying we want to talk about revenue, resource-sharing, it’s important that First Nations be part of that. The talk has been great but it’s time to walk the talk now.”


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Thousands of young people pack Saddledome for WE Day

CALGARY —; A whopping 16,000 excited students from across Alberta jammed into the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary on Tuesday for WE Day.

The inspirational event began in Ontario 20 years ago, and has since spread to three countries. WE Day celebrates the difference young people make in their world through volunteerism.

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  • We Day rocks students at the Saddledome

    The enthusiasm of empowerment at We Day

Students from over 650 schools around the province were joined by world-renowned speakers and performers including The Band Perry, Marlee Matlin, Henry Winkler, Kardinal Offishall, SonReal, Silken Laumann, Francesco Yates, the Kenyan Boys Choir, JRDN, Jessi Cruickshank, Joseph Boyden, Spencer West and more.

“Every time I walk into the WE Day stadium I’m in awe of the commitment and passion I witness in every single one of the young people in the audience,” said Oscar-winning actress and social activist, Marlee Matlin, in a statement. “These individuals are continuing to create such positive change in the world and WE Day is a platform to help empower youth to lead the change we need to see.”

Matlin uses sign language to share her personal story about overcoming obstacles, and encourage youth to turn their dreams into realities.

Annually, 200,000 students coast to coast, from over 10,000 schools, earn their tickets to WE Day by volunteering in their communities.

“By bringing together 16,000 young change-makers today, students from across Alberta will know that they’re not alone and that collectively, they are making their voices heard,” said co-founder Craig Kielburger.

Alberta students logged more than 560,800 hours for local and global causes and raised $1.8 million in support of local and global organizations.


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Near-death Saint-Lazare accident leads to call for safety

SAINT-LAZARE —; Andre de la Bastide is thankful to be alive after surviving a harrowing crash along chemin St-Louis.

“I was lucky,” he said.

He was also good. Because he works as a heavy equipment technician, he had special training.

He was heading southeast on the road toward Bedard avenue in Saint-Lazare.

The sunlight shone right into his eyes at rush hour and he found himself having to swerve right to miss a car that had drifted into his lane.

He slammed his Mercedes van into a hydro pole, shearing it off and crushing his vehicle.

The pole missed him, but live electrical lines were down nearby.

“I could hear the crackling of the electricity.”

Careful not to touch metal, he crawled out of the wreckage and a neighbour called 911.

He now feels lucky to be alive, and he wants the city of Saint-Lazare to add railings and cut branches to make the area safe.

City officials said they’re looking into the matter.

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  • Traffic Nightmare: Montreal West residents angry over backups

  • City of Montreal wants safer streets for cyclists and cars


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