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Big Soda sets target to lower Canadians’ calories from pop by 20%

Big Soda says it wants to help combat obesity in Canada, pledging on Tuesday to significantly cut the amount of calories Canadians get from the sugary carbonated and non-carbonated beverages it makes over the next several years.

The Canadian Beverage Association, the industry body that represents Coca-Cola Canada, PepsiCo Canada and Canada Dry Mott’s, is launching a campaign aimed at scaling back the amount of calories it sells through its products by 20 per cent by 2025.

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  • McDonald’s, Coke feel pinch from Canadians’ health kick

  • Coke to fess up on funding efforts following scandal

Jim Goetz, the industry body’s president, said in an interview new “advocacy” efforts will be combined with marketing and product innovations from the big beverage firms, such as introducing new sizes of cans and bottles, new combinations of sweeteners and other efforts to achieve the goal.

“Member companies are putting products out that have a mix of sweeteners that affect the calorie level. You’re also going to see marketing towards some of the low- and no-calorie beverages increase,” Goetz told Global News.

Goetz said the beverage association has commissioned the Conference Board of Canada, an Ottawa-based non-profit research firm, “to measure our progress.”

‘You’re also going to see marketing towards some of the low- and no-calorie beverages increase’

Coca-Cola, the largest beverage manufacturer in the world, is already undertaking efforts to diversify its Canadian products.

In January, the drink giant said it was making its signature cola “less sweet” by cutting eight per cent of the calories from the carbonated beverage, while making “mini-cans” (222ml) and bottles (237ml) more widely available.

Roughly two thirds of Canadian adults are either overweight or obese, according to health industry estimates, while obesity in children has also climbed significantly. Diet professionals have placed some of the blame on increasing levels of sugar consumption in recent decades.

New research

On Tuesday, American researchers released new evidence linking sugar to diabetes and heart disease in overweight children.

A joint study from the University of California, San Francisco, and Touro University California cut sugar consumption in 43 Latino and African-American children and teens who were obese and suffering from metabolic issues to 10 per cent from nearly 30 per cent.

The study found cholesterol levels improved dramatically amid an overall “reversal” in the metabolic challenges that led to overeating or contributed to far-ranging health problems from liver issues to the hardening of artery walls.

Out in front

In some ways, the beverage companies’ Canadian efforts are a race to get ahead of—or catch up to—regulatory and consumer trends.

Health authorities in several countries are increasingly targeting sugar. In March, the World Health Organization recommended both adults and children cut intake to less than 10 per cent of daily caloric consumption. In July, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed nutrition labels list added sugar amounts, and recommended a maximum daily intake of sugar of no more than 200 calories—or 40 fewer calories than what’s in one 20-ounce can of Coke.

Already declining

Consumers have also been cutting consumption – and have been for some time.

In a nine-country survey this summer by Euromonitor International, a researcher, four in 10 respondents said they looked for limited or no added sugar on food labels. In the U.S., 71 per cent said they were concerned about the amount of sugar they consumed, according to a March survey by the International Food Information Council.

U.S. soda consumption has declined for 10 straight years, a similar trend to a decline witnessed in Canada.

Total Canadian soft drink consumption has fallen to about 70 litres per capita this year, according to IBIS World Inc., another research firm, or 191ml a day per Canadian, which amounts to just over half a normal size can of Coke.

Click here to view data »

New products

New products that emphasize less sugar and fewer calories – essentially offering more of what consumers want – will lift sales, the industry hopes.

“In the past 10 years data shows that calories are already reduced through beverage consumption,” Canadian Beverage Association president Goetz said.

“We just want to keep that progress going and so we are committing to a goal today to continue that work, so that the three largest beverage companies in Canada will continue that innovation and continue providing Canadians with choice,” he said.

“We will leverage our strengths in marketing and innovation and our vast distribution networks to work toward our goal.”

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Obama calls U.S. women’s soccer team ‘badass’ for playing like girls

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed the U.S. women’s 2015 World Cup champion soccer team to the White House Tuesday, saying the team’s victory with class, excitement and style inspired the whole country.

“They’ve inspired millions of girls to dream bigger and, by the way, inspired millions of boys to look at girls differently, which is just as important,” Obama said.

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The U.S. defeated Japan 5-2 during the final in Vancouver to collect the top prize in women’s soccer for the first time in 16 years. Obama said his youngest daughter Sasha was able to cheer on the team when she attended the game with Vice-President Joe Biden and his granddaughter Maisy.

“This team taught all America’s children that playing like a girl means you’re a bad ass,” Obama said, to applause in the White House East Room. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have used that phrase. Playing like a girl means being the best.”

Obama singled out midfielder Carli Lloyd, who was named the tournament’s most valuable player after scoring three goals in the final. He noted that Lloyd’s title on Wikipedia was jokingly changed during the game to president of the United States, a job Obama said “is about to open up.”

“What’s another candidate in the mix,” Obama said. Dinging the 2016 Republican presidential field, he added, “I guarantee Carli knows more about being president than some of the folks running.”

Obama also lauded the team for launching the “She Believes” initiative to encourage young fans to believe in themselves. The team presented Obama with a soccer jersey that included his name and the number 44 on the back, before taking a selfie with the president.


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Your Saskatchewan: October 2015

Every weeknight on News Hour Final and weekends on News Final, we feature a viewer submitted photo for Your Saskatchewan.

To submit a picture for Your Saskatchewan, email to [email protected]长沙夜网.

Pictures should be at least 920 pixels wide and in jpeg format.

MORE: Your Saskatchewan: September 2015

Oct. 1: This Your Saskatchewan photo of a heron was snapped by Gord Novak in Martensville.

Gord Novak / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 2: Dale Boan took this Your Saskatchewan photo near Waldheim.

Dale Boan / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 3: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Desiree Schafer at Lac La Ronge.

Desiree Schafer / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 4: Bob Green took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Waterhen Lake.

Bob Green / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 5: This Your Saskatchewan photo of a mule deer was taken by Lloyd de Zeeuw near Milden.

Lloyd de Zeeuw / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 6: Derek Sylvestre took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Saskatoon Lake, which is approximately 530 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon near the border of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.

Derek Sylvestre / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 7: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Saskatoon by Spencer Nikkel.

Spencer Nikkel / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 8: Steph Lynch took this Your Saskatchewan photo near Jansen.

Steph Lynch / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 9: Janna Piro took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Camp Kadesh on Christopher Lake.

Janna Piro / Viewer Submitted

October 10: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Justin Wolverine at Key Lake.

Justin Wolverine / Viewer Supplied

October 11: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Misha Cherniak at Cando.

Misha Cherniak / Viewer Supplied

October 12: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Julie Wharington of Venus beside the moon over North Battleford.

Julie Wharington / Viewer Supplied

Oct. 13: Deb Smith took this Your Saskatchewan photo during a meal run in the field near Kindersley.

Deb Smith / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 14: Maddy Myers took this Your Saskatchewan photo in Saskatoon.

Maddy Myers / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 15: Chris Shinkewski took this Your Saskatchewan photo near Southend.

Chris Shinkewski / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 16: This Your Saskatchewan photo of lawn raking was taken in Kindersley by Michelle Allin.

Michelle Allin / Viewer Submitted

October 17: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Barry Embree near Dinsmore.

Barry Embree / Viewer Supplied

October 18: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Cam Skoropat at Candle Lake.

Cam Skoropat / Viewer Supplied

Oct. 19: Elizabeth Buchinski took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Jackfish Lake.

Elizabeth Buchinski / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 20: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Regina by Notanee Bourassa.

Notanee Bourassa / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 21: This Your Saskatchewan photo of a moose was snapped by Bonnie Evanochko near Saskatoon.

Bonnie Evanochko / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 22: Jacquie McKenzie took this Your Saskatchewan photo on the South Saskatchewan River near the Circle Drive South Bridge in Saskatoon.

Jacquie McKenzie / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 23: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Saskatoon by Sherry Myers.

Sherry Myers / Viewer Submitted

October 24: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Judy Desjarlais at Île-à-la-Crosse.

Judy Desjarlais / Viewer Supplied

October 25: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Linda Hockley in Saskatoon.

Linda Hockley / Viewer Supplied

Oct. 26: This Your Saskatchewan photo of the last days of harvest was taken by Debbie Lewis near Dinsmore.

Debbie Lewis / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 27: Melanie Gray took this Your Saskatchewan photo of a young male moose in the Humboldt area.

Melanie Gray / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 28: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Joe Caribou at Island Falls.

Joe Caribou / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 29: Eroca Batty took this Your Saskatchewan photo in Martensville.

Eroca Batty / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 30: Paul Bonneville took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Little Loon Lake.

Paul Bonneville / Viewer Submitted

Oct. 31: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Carla McCall at Wolseley.

Carla McCall / Viewer Submitted

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Calgary, Edmonton ring roads to see $2.9B over 5 years: Alberta budget

CALGARY – The Calgary and Edmonton ring roads will get $2.9 billion over the next five years, according to Tuesday’s provincial budget released Tuesday. The province declined to break down the costs any further.

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  • Southwest ring road set to proceed as Tsuu T’ina Nation boundary changes approved

  • Southwest Calgary Ring Road to be completed in 7 years: Government

  • Alberta government keeps spending, runs $6.1B deficit

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation said disclosing the cost of the Calgary ring road specifically would affect the procurement process. The province is still working with three bidders to finalize a successful bidder, expected to be announced next year. Calgary’s ring road is set to be completed in 2022.

The funding is part of a five-year capital plan that sees $4.7 billion allocated to roads and bridges, including Highways 63, 28 and 19 in addition to the ring roads.

The government said the northeast Henday in Edmonton is scheduled to be done in 2016, completing the city’s ring road, so the spending beyond 2016-17 is entirely for Calgary’s ring road.

Watch below: ‘It was challenging’: Finance Minister Joe Ceci on putting together Alberta budget 2015

The federal government had announced “funding consideration” up to $582.9 million for the southwest Calgary ring road on July 30, which would “ease congestion, reduce travel times and improve safety” on the highway, commonly known as Stoney Trail. Construction will include 31 kilometres of highway, 46 bridges, 10 service-level interchanges, four multi-level major interchanges and replacing a bridge over a CP Rail line.

The provincial government pledged to complete construction on the southwest Calgary ring road within seven years on July 7. The land transfer between the province and the Tsuu T’ina Nation necessary for the project to move forward was finalized on May 22, after the federal government authorized changes to the boundaries of the nation. The government of Alberta and Tsuu T’ina Nation originally signed the land transfer agreement in Nov. 2013.

READ MORE: Southwest ring road set to proceed as Tsuu T’ina Nation boundary changes approved

The federal funding falls under the National Infrastructure Component of the New Building Canada Fund. The money is conditional on the project meeting eligibility requirements as well as the signing of a “contribution agreement.” The release said Alberta’s provincial government will pay for any remaining costs.

Watch below: ‘Some realism in this budget would be good’: Wildrose leader reacts to Alberta budget 2015


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TransCanada gets final regulatory approval for Prince Rupert gas pipeline

CALGARY – TransCanada Corp. says it has received final regulatory approval for a natural gas pipeline that will connect northeastern British Columbia’s natural gas fields to the west coast.

The company said Tuesday that the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission has issued 11 pipeline and facility permits that clear regulatory hurdles for construction to start on the $5-billion pipeline.

The pipeline approval includes 70 conditions related to First Nations, the environment, conservation, engineering and reporting.

The 900-kilometre pipeline will run from Hudson’s Hope, B.C., to Lelu Island near Prince Rupert, connecting the province’s Montney natural gas fields to the planned Pacific NorthWest liquefied natural gas facility.

TransCanada said Pacific NorthWest LNG has already given condition approval for the pipeline but is waiting to secure federal environmental permits for its liquefied natural gas plant before giving the final go-ahead to start construction.

Some First Nations continue to oppose the natural gas project including the Luutkudziiwus — a group within the Gitxsan Nation — which says it plans to challenge the pipeline’s environmental approval in court.

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    TransCanada to build, own, operate $4B natural gas pipeline across northern B.C.

  • TransCanada reaches deals with three more B.C. First Nations for pipeline

    Over 1,000 people turn out in Prince Rupert to protest Enbridge pipeline


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Loss of whale poop disrupts planet’s ecosystem: study

It turns out that the giant animals that once roamed the land and the oceans were vital in the planet’s health and overall formation. In particular, their poop.

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science concluded that nutrients from their feces were transported from the depths of the ocean and spread through waterways and eventually inland and up to the mountaintops.

This diagram shows an interlinked system of animals that carry nutrients from ocean depths to deep inland —; through their poop, urine, and, upon death, decomposing bodies.

Diagram from PNAS; designed by Renate Helmiss

However, since the declines of such giants —; including the whales which at one time numbered in the hundreds of thousands, rather than the thousands we have today —; has resulted in the decline of this type of recycling system, something that the study’s authors feel are vital.

“This broken global cycle may weaken ecosystem health, fisheries, and agriculture,” says Joe Roman, a biologist at the University of Vermont and co-author on the new study.

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  • Researchers use drones to monitor killer whales as El Niño threatens food source

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The authors said that the ability of animals to transport nutrients from “hotspots” has dropped eight per cent, before the extinction of about 150 species of mammal megafauna at the end of the last ice age.

It’s probably no surprise to learn that humans have had a hand in disrupting this ecosystem balance. Whale-hunting has resulted in the loss of a particularly important nutrient —; phosphorus —; by more than 75 per cent.

“This once was a world that had ten times more whales; twenty times more anadromous fish, like salmon; double the number of seabirds; and ten times more large herbivores —; giant sloths and mastodons and mammoths,” said Roman.

The authors also concluded that if we could re-establish whale populations, it could help increase the ocean’s ability to absorb climate warming carbon dioxide.

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Saskatoon Blades acquire local talent in trade with Calgary Hitmen

SASKATOON – The Saskatoon Blades have added some local talent to the roster. On Tuesday, the team announced it acquired Terrell Draude, 18, from the Calgary Hitmen in exchange for a fifth-round pick in the 2016 WHL Bantam Draft.

The centre is from the nearby city of Warman, Sask.

“We are excited to bring Terrell back closer to home. His size and skill will be great additions to our hockey club,” said Blades head coach and general manager Bob Woods.

READ MORE: Home sweet home for Saskatchewan products at NHL pre-season game

Calgary selected Draude 39th overall in the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft.

The six-foot three, 209-pound centre posted a breakout 2014-15 season. Draude more than quadrupled his points from his rookie campaign, finishing with 12 goals and 18 assists with the Hitmen.

In Saskatoon, he rejoins former teammates Cameron Hebig and Wyatt Sloboshan. They played together in 2012-13 with the Saskatoon Contacts of the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League (SMAAAHL).

The Blades take on the Edmonton Oil Kings at 7:05 p.m. CT on Thursday at SaskTel Centre.

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  • Saskatoon Blades mount 3rd-period comeback past Medicine Hat Tigers


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Weyburn, Sask. man fined $5K for illegal hunting

A Weyburn, Sask. man has been fined after he was found guilty of illegal hunting in the province. Dustin Hoskins, 35, was fined $5,000 and handed a two-year hunting suspension after two bull moose and a white-tail deer were illegally shot in November 2011.

Conservations officers found he had falsified documents by using another person’s First Nations treaty number. Hoskins was also found to be in possession of a black bear rug.

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  • Saskatchewan man fined for hunting illegally

  • Saskatchewan men fined for hunting elk unlawfully

“People who kill animals illegally are stealing from the law-abiding hunters of our province,” said Ken Aube with the Ministry of Environment

“Our laws are designed to provide effective management of wildlife populations to ensure hunting opportunities are available now and in the future.”

READ MORE: New Saskatchewan hunting regulations in place on Canada Day

Hoskins was fined $2,100 for unlawfully hunting moose, $1,400 for unlawful possession of a white-tail deer, $700 for unlawful possession of a black bear and $480 for falsifying a document.

He was also fined $320 for resisting arrest.

A second Weyburn man, Corby Obyrne, was found guilty of aiding and abetting Hoskins and was fined $1,500. He was also handing a one year hunting suspension.


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High hopes for NYC’s ‘Lowline’: The quest to grow gardens underground

The future of urban green space is blossoming 22 feet below the concrete jungle that is New York City’s Lower East Side.

It’s called the “Lowline.” Billed as the world’s first underground park, it will be a subterranean version of the city’s popular High Line, an elevated green oasis built on defunct railroad tracks.

The project itself is years away. Its backers have $0 of the estimated $70 million they’ll need to get it going.

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  • Battle underway over Canada’s largest private bunker

But a small-scale prototype of the space-age garden just opened up down the block, giving tourists, students and passersby the chance to check out the buried green space.

The unique environment is a testing ground for the ultimate plan, which is to turn an abandoned 1908 trolley terminal into a football field-sized underground garden by 2020. Project co-founder James Ramsey says they hope to grow 60 species down there — “from mosses and ferns to strawberries and even pineapples.”

How will they pull it off? By harnessing the sun’s rays using giant mirror-like “heliostats,” magnifying those rays, transporting them underground through a fibre-optic “helio tube,” then using a dome to disperse them across the green space.

Ramsey likens it to an elaborate plumbing system. He admits it’s a “kooky” idea.

The architecture firm owner and former NASA engineer had the brainstorm in 2009 when he learned of the long-forgotten trolley terminal.

His friend Dan Barasch was exploring a project that would bring art to the city’s subway system. The two combined their interests into the idea of an underground garden.

“It’s almost sort of a new form of horticulture that we’ve developed,” the 38-year-old said. “The conditions we’re creating are really quite specialized and unlike any existing environment in the world.”

He said NASA uses similar optical devices on a much smaller scale.

“We have a self-contained environment almost a bit like The Martian.

(Spoiler alert: In that film, Matt Damon finds a way to grow crops on Mars.)

In addition to looking cool, Ramsey said, the Lowline would also provide badly needed green space, which is at a premium in NYC’s concrete jungle.

“I think one of the big challenges here is, ‘Okay, we [build] up, up, up. But that just means we’re increasing the density of our cities. And as our cities become more dense, we have to get a little more innovative about solutions for creating space for people,” he said.

“This is one potential solution.”

This Aug. 15, 2012, photo provided The Lowline shows the abandoned trolley terminal deep underground in New York’s Lower East Side, which may one day house a park. The project-in-the-works, history meets 21st century technology; will employ the latest solar technology to illuminate the subterranean space, filtering the sun via a collector at street level. (AP Photo/The Lowline, Danny Fuchs)

Rendering of the Lowline, courtesy of Raad Studio.

The newly-opened Lowline Lab serves as a testing ground for the actual Lowline, mimicking its environment and using its technology to keep the greenery alive.

The lab has only three of the roughly 200 heliostats that would be required for the actual Lowline.

Visitors can drop in for free every weekend until March 2016 to experience the space firsthand. During the week, students visit on field trips to learn about the science, technology, engineering, art and math behind the project.

Lowline co-founder Dan Barasch told CBS News that the idea has the potential to be used in many other kinds of contexts.

“There are a lot of spaces from hospitals to prisons to schools that don’t have natural access to the sun,” Barasch said.

But even if this experiment works, it could be tough to replicate.

For one thing, it’s pricey: The Lowline team raised about $200,000 in its second Kickstarter campaign. That was just to fund the lab. Up to $70 million more will be needed to get the actual project off the ground.

A financing campaign will be launched once negotiations over the land are complete with the city and Municipal Transit Authority (the land is currently leased to the MTA by the city). The backers hope to get some of the cash from crowdfunding and government grants.

Seed money, one could say, to grow their unorthodox brand of urban agriculture.

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Ontario Progressive Conservatives want auditor general to investigate union payments

TORONTO – Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives plan to ask the auditor general to look into $3.74 million the government paid unions representing teachers and education workers over the past three rounds of bargaining.

Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod will introduce a notice of motion Wednesday at the public accounts committee, of which she is vice-chair, asking the auditor general to investigate those payments as well as $4.6 million that is being paid to school boards for their bargaining costs.

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But the Liberals have a majority on the committee, which means they could easily block the motion.

READ MORE: Union payouts an ‘investment’ in bargaining, education minister says

MacLeod, though, is hopeful because the Liberals previously agreed to a motion asking Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk for a Pan Am Games audit.

“A sum of money this large going undocumented to some public-sector unions who ran attack ads – it doesn’t look good,” said MacLeod, referring to anti-Tory advertising during the last provincial election.

“I think it would be important that the auditor review those numbers and make sure the money wasn’t misappropriated, although I believe it has been.”

Education Minister Liz Sandals has defended the payments as being necessary because the transition to a new bargaining system made this round quite lengthy.

READ MORE: Elementary teachers’ pay could be docked if work-to-rule expanded: Wynne

And the ministry has said that it was appropriate to make similar payments in 2008 and 2012 to three education unions because it involved voluntary discussions that were a precursor to the new system.

Sandals said she is not at all concerned about a possible auditor general investigation.

In the last provincial election, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario put $250,000 each toward third-party advertising from the Working Families coalition, a group of unions that comes together each election to run anti-Tory ads.

ETFO, which is still in negotiations and has said it won’t take government money for bargaining costs, spent another $1.3 million on election advertising in 2014. OECTA spent a further $2.2 million and OSSTF spent $386,000.

The committee would vote on MacLeod’s motion next Wednesday. She is concerned the practice is more widespread than the government is saying.

“We know some unions have indicated it hasn’t, but we have over 4,000 collective agreements” in the broader public sector, she said. “Can you imagine if each time we sat down for a collective agreement we gave the union we’re negotiating with one million dollars?”


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