Greenfield Park man says police profiled him for third time

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LONGUEUIL – A Greenfield Park man says he suffered his third instance of racial profiling at the hands of Longueuil Police.

Joel Debellefeuille received his latest infraction on Oct. 23, when he pulled into the hotel where his family is currently staying and police pulled him over.

That ticket, he read later, was for driving with a child passenger who wasn’t wearing a seat belt. But Bellefeuille says he was driving alone.

When he called the courthouse about that ticket, he discovered police had also cited him for not wearing a seat belt himself.

“The problem there,” he said: “There’s no way police could see inside.”

The windows of his car are tinted and he was driving at night. Bellefeuille said he had to get out of the car to talk to police.

This is the third time Debellefeuille has been pulled over by Longueuil Police in what advocates are calling a “driving while black” incident. The first two occurred in 2009 and 2012 respectively, and are both the subject of pending court actions.



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