Halloween safety tips for the young and old

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Excited youngsters are ready to take to streets across the country for a night of trick or treating. As part of keeping them safe on Halloween, the Shaw Pumpkin Patrol will be out for the 31st year handing out safety reflective items and offering safety tips.

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Here are some tips for young and old to keep everyone safe on Halloween.



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Costumes should be bright and light, and for added safety, reflective markers should be added to costumes.

Consider using face paint instead of a mask – masks can make it harder for children to see and hear.

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Props should be left at home. A fake sword may be mistaken for the real thing.

Also keep an eye out on the length of the costume to avoid tripping and wear runners or other good footwear. While a costume may call for high heels, it can make walking difficult.

Trick or Treating

When out trick or treating, always look both ways before crossing the street, only cross at corners or crosswalks and never between parked cars or in the middle of the block, and listen for traffic.

If there aren’t any sidewalks, walk facing traffic and as far off the road as possible.

Walk – don’t run – from house to house and don’t cut across lawns.

Trick or treat in groups or with other family members. Adults or older teens should always accompany young children.

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Carry a flashlight or glow stick and plan a route through the neighbourhood beforehand.

Never enter a stranger’s house even if you’re invited.

Never eat any treats until they can be examined back at home for tampering. Also, only eat factory-wrapped treats and not any homemade treats.


Drivers should slow down to at least 10 km/h below the speed limit on Halloween night and avoid taking shortcuts through neighbourhoods.

Stay alert for trick or treaters and don’t pass stopped vehicles – the driver may be dropping off or picking up children.

Always use turn signals and as a courtesy to other drivers, turn on hazard signals when dropping off or picking up kids.

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For adults heading to Halloween parties, remember to plan a safe ride home and don’t drink and drive.


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