Injured deer walks itself into ER, gets put down

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A deer struck by a car in Rochester, New York, walked itself to a nearby hospital emergency room but was so badly hurt it had to be put down.

The deer collapsed at the entrance of Strong Memorial Hospital late Monday afternoon, the hospital told Global News.

It got to its feet long enough to totter through the automatic doors before collapsing again.

Deputies from the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office who happened to be at the hospital helped corral the animal and strapped it to a gurney to remove it from the hospital.


The deer’s broken legs and other injuries were far too extensive for it to be saved, said Animal Control authorities. The deer had to be put down and was shot.

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According to the Democrat & Chronicle, the car that hit the deer was driven by hospital administrator Teresa Hill’s daughter.

The deer “literally popped out of nowhere,” Hill told the newspaper. She said her daughter was distraught by the incident and suffered a sore neck, but is otherwise fine.

Monroe County Sherriff’s Office spokesperson Corporal John Helfer told Global News it’s common for cars to hit deer in the area.

“Our department alone handles up to 1,000 cases a year of vehicle collisions including a deer,” he said. “Subsequently, a deer is put down.”

The Toronto Wildlife Centre, which helps the city deal with wildlife, said in an email to Global News that although they do assist in deer rescues in the field, they don’t take injured deer for rehabilitation because they don’t have the resources.

“Some adult deer that are injured each year in Toronto are euthanized, which is usually coordinated by Toronto Animal Services,” Executive Director Nathalie Karvonen said in the email.


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