Longer semi B Trains allowed on some Saskatchewan roads

Written by admin on 26/04/2020 Categories: 老域名出售

Changes to a Saskatchewan regulation will allow for longer semi B Trains on some provincial roads. With the change, the length of B Train double trailer truck combinations increases to 27.5 metres from 26 metres.

Officials said the changes not only bring the regulations into line with other provinces, it will help eliminate red tape and increase efficiency.



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“Better regulations of commercial trucking supports our economy by lower costs, allowing more efficient movement of products across provincial borders and making our exporters more competitive,” said Nancy Hepburn, the minister of highways and infrastructure.

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Owners will also be allowed to increase the length of aerodynamic devices attached to the back of trucks to improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs.

Regulations have also been clarified on axle weights for self-propelled equipment, like front-end loaders, that officials said will help protect highways from undue damage when the equipment is driven on roads.


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