Man convicted in kidnapping of 3-year-old Sparwood boy to remain behind bars

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The man who kidnapped a young boy from Sparwood, B.C. more than five years ago has been ordered to remain in custody.

Kienan Hebert was sleeping when he was taken from his home in September 2011.

Following a four-day search, he was unexpectedly returned.

Watch below from November 2013: Randall Hopley was sentenced to seven years in prison and declared a long-term offender. Gary Bobrovitz reports.

Randall Hopley eventually pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced to seven years in jail.

He was also deemed a long-term offender after court heard of his long list of prior offences.

Special coverage of Kienan Hebert's kidnapping

Accused child abductor Randall Hopley is led out of the Cranbrook, B.C. courthouse on September 14, 2011. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Bill Graveland

No hearing was actually held for Hopley, but the law allows for offenders to automatically have their detention reviewed for possible early release.

According to documents obtained by News Talk 770, the Parole Board of Canada has ordered Hopley to remain in custody.

In its decision, the board highlighted that Hopley remains a high-risk to reoffend, doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and refuses to undergo a psychological assessment.

“You continue to blame others for your offending and have not accepted responsibility for your behaviour,” the decision read.  “You do not have the support of your CMT (case management team) for any kind of release at this time.”

In the decision, the board noted a “substantial degree of indifference” towards the consequences to others affected by his crimes.

Hopley provided no comments to the parole board before a decision was made, adding only that he wanted a written decision because of the anxiety and stress associated with an in-person hearing.

Kienan Hebert with family

Hopley’s mandatory release is set for November 2018, but he would still be subject to supervision for 10 years because of the long-term offender status.


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