Moncton’s runaway turkey ‘Herbie’ finds a permanent home

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MONCTON – The runaway turkey that flew the coop along Main Street in Moncton has found a new flock and even a new fling.

“Herbie” is settling in nicely at his forever home on a farm with Moncton’s Angela Wood.

“I go in and spend time with him every night and I pet him and he eats out of my hand and he likes to eat dandelions,” she said.

Last week, Herbie flew the out of the back of a pick-up truck and strutted his stuff along Main Street until the Moncton SPCA eventually nabbed runner.

“He was Norman the turkey and he was supposed to be going to a pet home. They turned around and looked for him but they could not find him and still had to get the other three birds where they were going and they have said they are happy to have us re-home Herbie into a forever home.”

Norman, will now forever be known as Herbie.

“I was driving down Main Street and there is a pickup truck driving in front of me and all of a sudden I see a turkey head pop up,” she said.

Courtesy: Cary Rossignol


Pearl places him with Wood because she has a history of rescuing fugitive fowl.

“They all get away and find their way to me I guess,” says Wood.

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Last year Wood also rescued a wayward chicken.

“Esmerelda. I’ve had her for a little over a year now. They found her walking down Drummond Street by the Barnyard BBQ.”

But Wood says neither she nor Herbie will ever end up on a spit.

“He is going to live a farm life, he is going to be able to free range and I am going to get him a girl friend so he is not lonely,” said Wood.

“Herbie is not going to be dinner. Herbie is going to live a happy life with all of his little chicken friends,” said Pearl.

Wood says Herbie’s new main squeeze will arrive in early November.

“I am bringing her home to Herbie so he should be happy.”

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