NDG residents want tree removed

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MONTREAL–An old majestic tree hangs ominously over Notre-Dame-de-Grace (NDG) Avenue near the intersection of Marcil Avenue.

People living nearby want it removed.

“I think it could be dangerous…that a branch fell on a kids or a baby,” Andrée-Anne Michaud,  a local resident told Global News.

The mother of three heard a branch break off the tree and land on a car last spring.

Another resident living next to the tree told Global News a second branch broke last July, landing on a truck.

Both say the large tree in front of 5578 Notre-Dame-de-Grace Avenue is a threat to those living in the area and others passing through.

“We tell the kids to move quickly through this area,” Rob Clark told Global News.

“And I try not to park below the tree as much as possible because I’m worried it could be my car or my kids.”

The tree towers above all the others on the street and it is decades, if not a century old.

And the tree is showing its age: branches are broken in several places and are dried out.

A massive hole near the trunk indicates it’s likely hollow.

“When we play tag around the block we’re always scared. We stop here and then we run over there. We go right away,” said nine year-old Ben Clark.

Residents want the tree cut down as quickly as possible but Michaud complains her calls to the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough office aren’t producing any results.

“They tell me, oh yeah, somebody is going to take it in charge soon,” Michaud said.

Peter McQueen, the Montreal city councillor representing Notre-Dame-de-Grace wrote in a text to Global News that he’s “looking for an answer or a solution,” but hadn’t yet inspected the tree at the time of this writing.



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