Landon Webb’s family begs for public to help bring their son home – Halifax

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HALIFAX – “I want you to call home,” are the only words Darrell Webb could say about his missing son, Landon, before breaking down in tears Wednesday.

Landon Webb, 25, has an intellectual disability and functions at the level of a 10 to 12-year-old. He also lives with epilepsy, anxiety disorder, heart disease and asthma.

Landon has been declared an incompetent person by the courts and needs supervision. He has been living at the Kings Regional Rehibilitation Centre in Waterville, N.S. for nearly two years.

On the afternoon of Oct. 15, Landon left the centre and did not return. No one has seen or heard from him since.

Landon Webb was last seen on the afternoon of October 15, at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre in Waterville, N.S.

Natasha Pace/Global News


“We’ve heard nothing. We’re fearing the worst for Landon,” said Brenda Webb, Landon’s mother.

“Our hearts are really heavy. We’re really worried about him.”

While residing at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Landon was allowed unsupervised access to the community and because of that, his parents are concerned about who he may have befriended.

“We have no idea what connections or anything have been made during that time frame, so we don’t know where he is at all,” said Brenda Webb.

Global News reached out to the rehabilitation centre about Landon’s disappearance but no one was available to comment Wednesday.

“We really need some help to find this young man and make sure that he’s protected and get him into a safe living arrangement,” said Tim Houston, MLA for Pictou East.

Darrell & Brenda Webb break down in tears as they speak to members of the media, trying to raise awareness about their missing son.

Natasha Pace/Global News

RCMP have been actively searching for Landon, but so far, have not had any luck finding him.

“We’re looking for him in the Kings District or the Kings County area, but we’re also looking in the New Glasgow or Stellerton area because we’ve received some tips lately that he could be in those areas,” said RCMP spokesperson Const. Mark Skinner.

Since he left the centre, Landon has had no access to the medications he requires.

“We’re concerned for Landon’s safety. Landon has some medical conditions that we’d like him to receive treatment for,” Skinner said.

The Webbs say they have no idea where Landon could be, but have been taking it upon themselves to search abandoned buildings and rural areas they suspect he could have went to. They are hoping the police can step up their efforts to locate Landon, and are begging the public to help.

“He’s prey to predators on the street and in the community because of his conditions and it leaves him very vulnerable while he’s out there,” said Brenda Webb. “He looks perfectly normal as you can see, but he is very significantly impaired.”

Police say they continue to follow up on tips from the public and are encouraging anyone who may have information on Landon’s whereabouts to contact authorities.


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U.S. Fed keeps key interest rate at record low amid jobs slowdown

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WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve is keeping its key short-term interest rate at a record low in the face of threats from a weak global economy and excessively low inflation. But it suggested the possibility of a rate hike in December.



  • Bank of Canada says economy has ‘rebounded’, holds interest rate steady

  • U.S. interest rates on hold as Fed monitors global events

A statement the Fed issued Wednesday said it would seek to determine “whether it will be appropriate to raise the target range at its next meeting” by monitoring the progress on employment and inflation. It marked the first time in seven years of record-low rates that the central bank has raised the possibility that it could raise its benchmark rate at its next meeting.

In a further signal that a rate hike could occur at their last meeting of the year, policymakers sounded less gloomy about global economic pressures. They removed a sentence from their September statement that had warned about global pressures after news of a sharper-than-expected slowdown in China.

“They implied they’d do it this year,” Patrick O’Keefe, director of economic research at the accounting firm CohnReznick, said after the Fed issued its statement after ending its latest policy meeting. “The economy is not co-operating. It has to be immensely frustrating …The global economy is still decelerating and we’re seeing a softening of growth domestically.”

Stocks gave up some of their gains after the Fed’s mid-afternoon announcement and the yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose slightly.

Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said he expects a December rate hike if the jobs reports for October and November show the labour market is getting stronger.

“Some combination of payrolls, unemployment and wages signalling continued improvement will be enough,” he wrote in a note to clients.

Still, the Fed indicated that the economy is expanding only modestly. And in a nod to recent weaker data, policymakers said in their statement that the pace of job gains had slowed – an indication that they may be concerned about the pace of hiring.

While many Fed officials have signalled a desire to raise rates before year’s end, tepid economic reports in recent weeks had led some analysts to predict no hike until 2016.

The Fed’s statement Wednesday was approved on a 9-1 vote, with Jeffrey Lacker, president of the Fed’s Richmond regional bank, dissenting. As he had in September, Lacker favoured a quarter-point rate hike.

The Fed has kept the target for its benchmark funds rate at a record low in a range of zero to 0.25 per cent since December 2008.

Yellen after the September meeting noted that 13 of 17 Fed officials expected the first rate hike to occur this year. But some economic reports since then have been subpar including a slowdown in job growth for September.

Some of the U.S. weakness has occurred because of a global economic slowdown, led by China, that’s inflicted wide-ranging consequences. U.S. job growth has flagged. Wages and inflation are subpar. Consumer spending is sluggish. Investors are nervous. And manufacturing is being hurt by a stronger dollar, which has made U.S. goods pricier overseas.

The Fed cut its benchmark rate to near zero during the Great Recession to encourage borrowing and spending to boost a weak economy. Since then, hiring has significantly strengthened, and unemployment has fallen to a seven-year low of 5.1 per cent.

But the Fed is still missing its target of achieving annual price increases of 2 per cent, a level it views as optimal for a healthy economy.

At the start of the year, a rate hike was expected by June. A harsh winter, though, slowed growth. And then in August, China announced a surprise devaluation of its currency. Its action rocked markets and escalated fears that the world’s second-largest economy was weaker than thought and could derail growth in the United States.

Uncertainty was too high, Fed officials decided, for a rate hike in September.

Since then, the outlook has dimmed further with a hiring slowdown and tepid retail sales and factory output. Also, inflation has fallen further from the 2 per cent target because of falling energy prices and a stronger dollar, which lowers the cost of imports.

The Fed has said it will start raising rates once it’s “reasonably confident” inflation will return to 2 per cent within two to three years. Yellen has said that confidence should be boosted by a stronger job market, which will help raise workers’ pay.

But this month, two Fed board members – Lael Brainard and Daniel Tarullo – questioned the link between falling unemployment and higher inflation. Both expressed doubts about whether the timing would be right for a rate hike this year.

This week’s Fed meeting also followed decisions by other major central banks – from Europe to China and Japan – to pursue their own low-rate policies. Against that backdrop, a Fed rate hike would boost the dollar’s value and thereby squeeze U.S. exporters of farm products and factory goods by making them costlier overseas.

Congress may help if a budget deal announced this week wins congressional approval. That could avert a government shutdown and raise the government’s borrowing limit – two threats that concern Fed policymakers.

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Longer semi B Trains allowed on some Saskatchewan roads

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Changes to a Saskatchewan regulation will allow for longer semi B Trains on some provincial roads. With the change, the length of B Train double trailer truck combinations increases to 27.5 metres from 26 metres.

Officials said the changes not only bring the regulations into line with other provinces, it will help eliminate red tape and increase efficiency.



  • Workplace fatigue a concern for vehicle operators in Saskatchewan

“Better regulations of commercial trucking supports our economy by lower costs, allowing more efficient movement of products across provincial borders and making our exporters more competitive,” said Nancy Hepburn, the minister of highways and infrastructure.

READ MORE: Feds pouring money into Highway 7 twinning project

Owners will also be allowed to increase the length of aerodynamic devices attached to the back of trucks to improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs.

Regulations have also been clarified on axle weights for self-propelled equipment, like front-end loaders, that officials said will help protect highways from undue damage when the equipment is driven on roads.


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Halloween a peak time for Pinterest fails

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Halloween, like all holidays, is prime time for Pinteresting. But anyone who dives into one of those seemingly simple and cute little projects should be prepared for it to turn into a DIY disaster.

No one is immune to the Pinterest fail. Not even professionals.

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#pinterestfail see, even the professionals aren’t immune! 😂

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Candy apples appear to claim a lot of victims.

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#pinterestfail #nailedit #candyapples

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The tricky part seems to be getting anything to stick to the apples.

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#pinterestfail #candyapples #pinterest

A post shared by Rebecca Lynn (@i3ecicy) on Oct 22, 2016 at 5:36am PDT

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#pinterestfail 🙍

A post shared by Kristen Eglitis 🌎 (@bachewi) on Oct 6, 2015 at 3:32pm PDT

Sometimes your cooking experiment will look like a crime scene…

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Well that was definitely a learning experience 🙂 #pinterestfail

A post shared by daymia sanders (@daymias) on Oct 5, 2015 at 8:52pm PDT

…that even sprinkles can’t save.

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Nailed it! #minicaramelapples #pinterestfail

A post shared by eatdrinkthrift (@eatdrinkthrift) on Oct 1, 2015 at 4:50pm PDT

Parents who try to stuff their kids into pumpkins are just asking for a Pinterest fail.

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Yes that is my gorgeous baby on the right haha. A dear friend of mine made this for me and I couldn’t help but laugh! #pinterestfail #BabyAria

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Babies hate it.

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We tried… #pinterestfail #dailydoseofJaylee #teacherbaby #sweetjayleemae

A post shared by Brianna Price (@thepriceofteaching) on Oct 16, 2015 at 7:21pm PDT

Especially if you get them stuck in the pumpkin.

Stop doing it to them.

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When the baby really isn’t down for its Pinterest moment of glory. #pinterestfail #familyphotos #babyinapumpkin #pinterest

A post shared by Mara Milam (@maramilam) on Oct 24, 2016 at 8:13pm PDT

Don’t be fooled by those chocolate-covered pretzel pumpkins either.

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Nailed it. 😂 #PinterestFail #ButItLookedSoEasy ? Lol!

A post shared by Julie (@nursejulienicole) on Oct 3, 2015 at 2:22pm PDT

Sure they may look easy. But they’re not.

“Spooky fingers” also aren’t for the faint of heart.

They have a tendency to turn into chunky stubs.

Same with this “skeleton,” which looks more like a gingerbread man.

This was supposed to be a “vegan/gluten free skeleton.” One commenter on the original post wrote:

“This is what happens to cookies in America.”

A for effort?

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Such a cute fall craft… on Pinterest. Not so much in real life. Oh well, they had fun doing it. #pinterestfail

A post shared by Erin Stephan (@snazzyinsecond) on Oct 21, 2016 at 2:05pm PDT

If you’ve experienced a Halloween Pinterest fail, don’t beat yourself up. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone and send in your worst disasters to [email protected]老域名出售.

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in Oct. 2015 and updated a year later with more Pinterest fails.

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  • 9 fun, DIY ways to decorate your front door for Halloween

  • Everything you need to win Halloween this year

    Creative candy for Halloween



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Tory wishes Rob Ford ‘speedy recovery’ from health setback

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TORONTO – Mayor John Tory is wishing Councillor Rob Ford a speedy recovery after his brother, Doug Ford said the former mayor hit a “bump in the road.”

Tory spoke with media on Wednesday morning saying he hopes the Ward 2 councillor will continue down the road to recovery.

“Whatever our differences may be in City Council from time to time, he’s a person we want there and we need there,” Tory said.


“I just hope that if he has hit a bump in the road that is one that is just no more than that, in that proceeds on the path of a speedy recovery.”

Doug spoke to AM640 on Tuesday saying his brother had hit a minor snag in his cancer recovery.

READ MORE: Doug Ford says Rob Ford has hit a ‘bump in the road’ with cancer recovery  

“It’s not that it’s good news or bad news, people have been asking about Rob — he’s had a little bump in the road, but nothing that we can’t get over,” Doug told AM640.

“Rob’s a fighter and we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that come our way every day. Just keep ’em coming because we need ’em.”

In Sept. 2014, Ford was diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma and has since undergone chemotherapy.

In May, the former mayor underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and doctors deemed the procedure a success.

Ford’s health caused him to drop out of the 2014 mayoral race and his brother Doug ran in his place, but lost to Tory.

The ex-mayor has been seen around City Hall and even attended  council in October.

“You certainly want him regardless of anything else political to be healthy for his family  and for himself,” Tory said.

“So I hope he gets better regardless of what bump in the road he may or may not have hit.”


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Salem witch takes warlock to court over alleged harassment

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BOSTON – A woman who calls herself a witch priestess said she is taking a self-proclaimed warlock to court over accusations of harassment.

Lori Sforza, who runs a Salem witchcraft shop and leads a pagan church, filed for court-ordered protection against harassment from Christian Day, whose website calls him the “world’s best-known warlock.” Sforza accused Day of harassing her online and over the phone for three years. The two will meet in court on Wednesday.


A lawyer representing Day declined to comment. Day owns occult shops in Salem and New Orleans, according to his website. His lawyer said he lives in Louisiana.

The 75-year-old Sforza is accusing Day, 45, of repeatedly calling her late at night from a private number and swearing at her, said Fiore Porreca, an attorney representing her. Sforza, who goes by the business name Lori Bruno, also alleged that Day made malicious posts about her on social media.

“She’s being abused, intimidated and harassed,” Porreca said.

READ MORE: Habs’ Brendan Gallagher and Nathan Beaulieu get scare of a lifetime in haunted house

Porreca said the harassment has hurt his client’s business. On her website, Sforza calls herself a psychic and a clairvoyant. She claims to be a descendent of Italian witches who healed victims of the bubonic plague. She is also the founder of Our Lord and Lady Of The Trinacrian Rose, a pagan church in Salem.

Salem’s Festival of the Dead – which culminates in the Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball on Halloween night – was created by Day in 2003 and has expanded to include a psychic and witchcraft fair and a seance.

The Salem District Court and the lawyers in the case would not provide a copy of the order filed by Sforza.

Sforza and Day were once business associates in Salem, Porreca said. They also made headlines in 2011 when they cast spells together to try to heal actor Charlie Sheen, who had called himself a “Vatican assassin warlock” during an interview on national television.

A judge is scheduled to hear the case on Wednesday to decide whether Sforza’s allegations amount to harassment and if she needs court protection.

Salem, home of the 17th century witch trials, has a tourism industry built around the occult that reaches fever pitch in October. The city is home to several witchcraft stores, museums dedicated to the trials and Halloween-themed attractions.


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19 cars stolen in Calgary every day: police

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CALGARY – Officers are asking to the public to be vigilant with their vehicles as they work to reduce the number of car prowlings in Calgary.

The Calgary Police Service said Wednesday they are currently seeing a large number of vehicle thefts, with about 19 vehicles stolen every day or 130 each week.

It’s not just privately-owned vehicles that are being targeted – police said transport companies, auto storage companies and rental companies have been hit both through planned thefts and crimes of opportunity.

“These stolen vehicles are often then used in the commission of other offences posing a danger to the public and officers,” said a news release.

Companies in the auto industry are asked to ensure they have a thorough security system, and that vehicle keys are kept in a tightly-secured location.

Tips to prevent vehicle theft and car prowling:

Don’t leave spare keys in your vehicle. This includes keys left under floor mats or inside fuel-filler areas.Don’t leave spare keys in an adjacent vehicle at a residence, or inside an unlocked garage.Report any suspicious activity or behavior, such as someone trying door handles on parked vehicles.Garage openers should not be left in vehicles, or should be disengaged, as thieves can use them to gain entry into a home where they often find keys for the vehicle nearby.Avoid parking in unlit areas at night.Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle.

Anyone with information about auto thefts is asked to call police at 403-266-1234 or you can contact Crime Stoppers.



  • Calgary police lay charges in bizarre Tuscany carjacking incident


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WATCH: Dog photobombs Minnesota couple’s engagement photos

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This dog sure has a way of commanding attention.

Engaged Minnesota couple Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe wanted to make sure that their engagement photos included their other family member: their dog Louie.

“It just made sense to have him in the pictures because he’s our dog,” Determan told CBS affiliate WCCO.

But the feisty six-year-old dachshund decided to take the photo-op as his own moment of glory.


In several photos, Louie is frolicking in the leaves and jumping in front of the lens. In one photo, Louie’s leaping body perfectly blocks Kluthe from the photograph.

Photographer Karin Berdal wrote on her blog that Louie took the session to “another level.”

“Megan and Chris mentioned that Louie enjoyed playing in the leaves, but I wasn’t quite ready for HOW MUCH!” she wrote. “Turns out this isn’t the first time Louie has photobombed Chris, and Megan is starting to suspect a little bit of jealousy.”

Another photo from the shoot shows Louie jumping in front of Chris Kluthe.

DnK Photography

According to the couple, Louie is a little possessive of Determan, who was Louie’s first owner before Kluthe came into the picture.

“I feel like Louie’s always just kind of like,” she said. “Anytime I go to touch Chris, he’s like, ‘No, I want to be pet!’”

The couple’s wedding is planned for December.


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Greenfield Park man says police profiled him for third time

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LONGUEUIL – A Greenfield Park man says he suffered his third instance of racial profiling at the hands of Longueuil Police.

Joel Debellefeuille received his latest infraction on Oct. 23, when he pulled into the hotel where his family is currently staying and police pulled him over.

That ticket, he read later, was for driving with a child passenger who wasn’t wearing a seat belt. But Bellefeuille says he was driving alone.

When he called the courthouse about that ticket, he discovered police had also cited him for not wearing a seat belt himself.

“The problem there,” he said: “There’s no way police could see inside.”

The windows of his car are tinted and he was driving at night. Bellefeuille said he had to get out of the car to talk to police.

This is the third time Debellefeuille has been pulled over by Longueuil Police in what advocates are calling a “driving while black” incident. The first two occurred in 2009 and 2012 respectively, and are both the subject of pending court actions.



    Man seeks $30,000 in damages in ‘racial profiling’ complaint

    Longueuil cops face racial profiling case


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Unregistered massage therapists causing troubles for Nova Scotia RMTs – Halifax

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LOWER SACKVILLE, NS – You might be surprised to know that just about anyone can call themselves a ‘massage therapist’, regardless of their training or experience.

Aside from highlighting the services and skills massage therapists provide in this province during Massage Therapy Awareness Week, the Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia (MTANS) has a a big request – they want the government to regulate their industry.


“We’re on our third attempt to try and get legislated in this province,” said Melanie Dumaresq, a spokeswoman for the MTANS.

Physiotherapists and chiropractors are regulated in Nova Scotia, something massage therapists have asked for, but haven’t seen happen yet.

The association’s last meeting with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness was in August of 2014.

“They asked us questions about legislation, risk of harm, and safety to the public,” said Dumaresq. “However, since then it’s kind of come to a standstill.”

The health department issued a statement acknowledging the meetings and the information the massage therapists gave them.

“We will continue to review this information, but at this time, no decisions have been made,” the statement reads.

Sarah West-Andrews has been a massage therapist for 12 years, but the lack of government regulation bothers her.

“We’d like to see ourselves be more involved in things like research, and (we) could be taken seriously when it comes to findings and different avenues and growth of the health industry in general,” she said. “And we’re really being stymied a bit by not having this designation.”

West-Andrews says many clients don’t realize massage therapists are not regulated.

Alisha Lebouthillier is a client of hers who says the lack of regulation is worrisome.

“As a person receiving massage, I would hope that it would be regulated because you are in a very vulnerable situation, you’re entrusting someone to impact your health,” she said.

Once approved, massage therapists must form a professional organization to become registered, before legislation can be introduced which would set standards.

“The insurance companies typically demand a 2,200-hour course, and to be a member of an association, in order (for RMTs) to be able to direct bill,” Dumaresq said.

That makes it difficult for anyone who is not a certified massage therapist to collect payments, unless it’s through a cash transaction.

Regulating the industry, would protect clients as well as the massage therapists themselves.

“If something were to happen to them they could seek some sort of remediation for whatever action had happened,” said Dumaresq.


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