Saint Johners mourn the end of profitable food truck season

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SAINT JOHN – It was a bittersweet day for Saint John foodies, as people lined up for one of their final food truck-fix of the season.

“Saint Johners love their food trucks,” said Nicole Richard.

Richard says food truck vendors started gathering at the Air Canada customer service call centre parking lot in Saint John over the summer.


“It’s sort of like a carnival atmosphere. You come out here and see families at the picnic tables and you see a bunch of chairs behind a tail gate and people have tail gates parties,” she said.

She says she invited one food truck to come out once a week to feed her fellow Air Canada employees. But by mid-summer, a fleet had arrived and people from all across city started showing up.

Moncton’s Michael Uberall who owns Checkpoint Germany says food truck vendors are really cashing in.

“It’s hip right now. Everybody sees a food truck and they want it.”

At least in Saint John. Uberall says he is far more busy in Saint John compared to Moncton. So, travelling every week is worth the trip.

“If I look at my numbers I would says it’s at least double.”

Moncton’s Randy O’Brien owns the Bangkok Food Truck. He says his business has tripled since coming to Saint John for tasty Tuesdays.

“For next year we are looking at getting a second truck so we can come more frequently to Saint John,” he said.

The trend has caught on so well, the City of Saint John literally paved the way for trucks to park at Tin Can Beach every Wednesday.

“I know when I was a kid I was always excited when I hear that little tingle and the ice cream truck was coming. It’s that same feeling,” said Richard.

The season wraps up this week.

“We are coming back we are coming back next year for sure,” said Uberall.

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