Saskatoon city council bans smoking at outdoor city properties

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SASKATOON – City council has voted to ban smoking at outdoor city properties. Starting Jan. 1, 2016, smoking will no longer be allowed at Saskatoon city parks and other city owned spaces like pools and fields.

All councillors except Eric Olauson voted to pass the bylaw to ban smoking.

Olauson said it’s a lot of money to spend for something that’s so difficult to enforce.



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Other councillors said we’re not going to see officers ticketing people for smoking in a park, but that the bylaw will simply have people thinking about their action.

“It does self-police itself,” said Coun. Darren Hill.

“Right now, nobody has the ability or the authority to even suggest to another citizen you need to put that cigarette out because you’re in a park because that bylaw doesn’t exist.”

“Now they do.”

Councillors also said that second-hand smoke will be reduced because of the bylaw.

Leena Latafat contributed to this story


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