South Shore English schools strike

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SAINT-LAMBERT – The view leading up to the Victoria Bridge looked very different Wednesday morning.

Hundreds of protesters lined Wilfred Laurier Boulevard in St-Lambert  and used the street itself as a metaphor for their fight.

“With these cuts to the education system in 15 years our schools will look like our roads do right now,” said adult education teacher, Helen Rodriguez.

Teachers at the Riverside and New Frontiers school boards walked out along with the biggest board in the province the Commission Scolaire de Montreal.

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That means these teachers also walked out on a day of pay.



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“We’re not getting paid today unfortunately but we realize the reasons,” said teacher Sarah Demilo.

“We’re not being paid today there’s no such thing as strike pay,” said Rodriguez. “Mostly what we’re going to do in the adult centre is our courses will be condensed. We teach faster. It’s not the easiest thing but that’s what we’re doing.”

That’s exactly what all schools will have to do.

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There are no plans for strike days to be made up later in the year.

“At this point there’s one strike day and there’s no plan to make it up,” said Riverside director general Sylvain Racette. “It’s not like a snow day. We hadn’t received any other information or specific instructions regarding taking back that day from the government so at this point it’s just going to be a lost day.”

Depending on how many days are lost a decision will be made by the provincial government on how to best to get the time back.

For now, more protests are planned and more picket lines will be seen across Quebec.

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Expect more of the same on Thursday when the English Montreal School Board and Lester B Pearson school boards take their strike days.


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