Ticket prices for Vancouver Canucks games impacted by ‘dynamic pricing’

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The Vancouver Canucks handed the Montreal Canadiens their first loss of the season on Tuesday night.

Some of those in attendance at Rogers Arena may have purchased their tickets at below face value.

Adrian Sutherland of ShowTime Tickets said balcony seats for Tuesday’s game were going for “anywhere from $79 to $129, but to buy that very same seat from Ticketmaster, you are looking at $140 at least.”

When the Canucks announced a dynamic pricing system last year, it put all single-game tickets on a sliding scale, meaning ticket costs would rise or fall on a regular basis and in real time. Prices would depend on factors such as the opposing team, rivalries, standings, star players, day of the week and other factors.

“It’s about changing your prices in real time based on the supply and demand,” said Vancouver Canucks COO Victor de Bonis.

WATCH: Canucks introduce ‘dynamic’ ticket pricing


But just an hour before the Canucks-Canadiens game at Rogers Arena, there were still plenty of tickets available online and plenty of fans taking advantage of the lower prices.

A lot of the re-sold tickets come from season ticket holders. They buy at a discounted rate, but with dynamic pricing they can, in some cases,  sell at a lower price than the box office and still make a profit.

“It’s helped everybody,” said Sutherland. “It’s helped the season ticket holder recoup some of their money. It’s helped the fan be able to buy a ticket cheaper than what the box office is selling. And it’s left a little bit of margin for the re-seller as well. So it’s been good for all of us.”

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