Tory wishes Rob Ford ‘speedy recovery’ from health setback

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TORONTO – Mayor John Tory is wishing Councillor Rob Ford a speedy recovery after his brother, Doug Ford said the former mayor hit a “bump in the road.”

Tory spoke with media on Wednesday morning saying he hopes the Ward 2 councillor will continue down the road to recovery.

“Whatever our differences may be in City Council from time to time, he’s a person we want there and we need there,” Tory said.


“I just hope that if he has hit a bump in the road that is one that is just no more than that, in that proceeds on the path of a speedy recovery.”

Doug spoke to AM640 on Tuesday saying his brother had hit a minor snag in his cancer recovery.

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“It’s not that it’s good news or bad news, people have been asking about Rob — he’s had a little bump in the road, but nothing that we can’t get over,” Doug told AM640.

“Rob’s a fighter and we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that come our way every day. Just keep ’em coming because we need ’em.”

In Sept. 2014, Ford was diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma and has since undergone chemotherapy.

In May, the former mayor underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and doctors deemed the procedure a success.

Ford’s health caused him to drop out of the 2014 mayoral race and his brother Doug ran in his place, but lost to Tory.

The ex-mayor has been seen around City Hall and even attended  council in October.

“You certainly want him regardless of anything else political to be healthy for his family  and for himself,” Tory said.

“So I hope he gets better regardless of what bump in the road he may or may not have hit.”


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